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If there's one thing that homeowners in Boca Grande can agree on, it's that security and safety risks are part of life. You assume some risk - even if it's small - every time you walk out of your front door. Fortunately, there are many procedures and processes in place to protect us from being victims of crimes, especially in public areas like grocery stores. But what about when we're at home? According to the FBI, property crime accounts for more than 85% of all crime in the U.S. In fact, almost 4.8 million cases of property crime were reported in 2021 alone, with 50% of people reporting that they believe a property crime could happen to them.

If you live in Boca Grande, chances are you've heard of or know someone personally who has been affected by a break-in or robbery. Property crimes and package theft are higher than the national average, at 53% and 61% respectively. Could you imagine coming home from dinner out with your family, only to see your front door smashed in and your belongings gone? Of course, being the victim of a home break-in is about more than disposable items like TVs and electronics. When the sacred space of your home is violated, you lose peace of mind. What's stopping the criminals from coming back and robbing your home again? Will they tell other criminals that your home is an easy target? Will your children be able to sleep at night knowing that their home has been broken into?

If you're like other Boca Grande homeowners and believe that peace of mind and safety is priceless, ask yourself this: "What am I doing to make sure my home is protected from burglars?" For most, the answer to that question begins by installing a home security system in Boca Grande, FL. When you have a burglar alarm installed, you'll have more peace of mind at home or when you're away, knowing that a home security system company like Prime Protection has got your back.

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Prime Protection: Changing the Face of the Home Security Industry

Prime Protection LLC was founded to change the face of the home security industry. We operate on the Golden Rule standard: "Do unto others as you would want done unto you." When you trust Prime Protection, you can have confidence that we will treat your home as if it were our own. Our technicians will go above and beyond to make sure your family is protected and that all of your questions are answered. Because, at the end of the day, that's how we'd like to be treated.

We're known locally as the "ADT home security company in Boca Grande, FL" to homeowners, business owners, and even Realtors. Regardless of your home security needs, our goal is to take great care of you and your ADT home security system. That way, you know your home, belongings, and family members are protected.

To provide the best home alarm system services, we partnered up with ADT Security. Why? Their facility is state-of-the-art, their customer service is unmatched, and no other monitoring company is approved by the Department of Defense. They're trusted with monitoring the White House - which lets you know that there's no other choice when it comes to protecting your home.

 ADT Home Security Boca Grande, FL

We provide a variety of home security camera systems and accessories, including:

  • Burglar Alarms
  • Home Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Camera Systems
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring
  • ADT Home Security Systems
  • ADT Monitored Doorbell Cameras
  • ADT Monitored Security Cameras
  • ADT Monitored Home Automation
  • Systems
  • Smart Home Security
  • Fire Monitor & Detection
  • Live Streaming
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What Makes Prime Protection Different from Other Home Security Companies?

Simply put, your family's safety is our top priority. We offer the most up-to-date ADT home security products, and our technicians use the most current technology and methods to install our products. As an ADT-authorized dealer, we have the tools, training, and home security system products to help keep your home safe.

From start to finish, our team of professionals is happy to help explain the highlights and advantages of our products, so you can make an informed decision about protecting your home. Our flexible options allow you to pick what products you want and what services you need. It's easier than DIY!

When you trust Prime Protection for a home alarm system in Boca Grande, FL, you're not only treated to a professional, efficient experience. You also benefit from:

Lifetime Warranties

As long as you're subscribed to our monthly monitoring agreement, all ADT equipment you purchase from Prime Protection is covered by a lifetime warranty.

24/7 Support

ADT's customer service is available 24/7, while Prime Protection's is open from 9am to 8pm. You can reach them both by phone.

11+ Years of Experience

We've been serving homeowners and commercial clients in Boca Grande for more than a decade. As locals in our community, we prioritize qualities such as hard work, transparency, and reliability. We know that money doesn't grow on trees, and as such, make every effort to keep our prices reasonable for hardworking people in Boca Grande.

Our technicians install and maintain home security systems for many different types of clients, including:

  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Townhomes
  • Grocery Stores
  • Offices
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Government

Prime Protection has the home and family protection you need. We provide everything you need to feel safe at home, from basic burglar alarms to ADT-monitored smart home security systems that offer total home protection. Contact our office today for help finding the right security system package for your family.

Why Should I Invest in a Home Security System in Boca Grande, FL?

Whether you live in a gated community miles from a metropolitan area or you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the big city, having a home alarm system is a smart investment. Modern home security systems do more than sound an alarm if someone breaks in - they can include home automation features that make your life easier and can even help reduce energy consumption. But that's just the start. Let's take a look at some of the biggest reasons why you should consider investing in a burglar alarm for your home in Boca Grande.

 ADT Alarm System Boca Grande, FL

The top reason to buy a security system for your home is for the protection it provides. From home intrusions and burglaries to fires and even natural disasters, today's residential home monitoring systems work even when you're not there. They can also help in the event of a medical emergency. Buying a robust alarm or camera system for security is an investment.

However, when you discover that the average burglary costs homeowners more than $2,600 per victim (according to the FBI), the cost starts to make a lot of sense. When you're the victim of a home break-in, the damage goes beyond fiscal. There's long-lasting psychological damage that occurs, too, and having a home security system can help prevent that trauma.

 ADT Security Systems Boca Grande, FL

Research conducted by Professor Joe Kuhns of the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at UNC Charlotte found that nearly 60% of burglars planned their break-ins less than 24 hours before attempting them. Additionally, 83% of burglars surveyed reported that they looked for signs of an alarm system, and over half of them stated that they would abandon their plans if they saw one. This research underscores the effectiveness of visible alarm system indicators such as ADT stickers, yard signs, and outdoor cameras in deterring potential burglars, as their crimes are often opportunistic in nature.

 Smart Home Systems Boca Grande, FL

By installing a home security system, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your home is protected whether you're away or asleep. Plus, modern wireless security systems from ADT that are connected to the internet also allow you to check on your home from anywhere in the world. So, if you're on a business trip in Dubai and want to check on your home, you can do so in a moment's time.

 ADT Home Automation Boca Grande, FL

When you have a professionally installed home alarm system from a company like Prime Protection, many home insurance companies offer you a discount on the price of your premium. More substantial discounts typically apply to systems that include environmental monitoring for smoke, water damage, fire, and intrusion monitoring. While a discount on your home insurance may not cover the total home security camera system in Boca Grande, FL, it can make having one more affordable over time. Plus, if you need to file an insurance claim for a break-in or other event, having high-def, reliable video footage can be incredibly beneficial.

 Home Security System Boca Grande, FL

Safety products like ADT-monitored home automation systems can include home automation features that provide convenience and energy savings, making it easier to save time and money. Smart lights and thermostats, when paired with a security system, can adjust themselves to save energy when the system is armed. Additionally, smart door locks and connected garage door openers can offer a secure way to allow friends and family into your home.

 Home Security Company Boca Grande, FL

In case of an emergency, home automation security systems can offer fast and efficient response times. Whether it's alerting you to a potential threat at your back door or contacting emergency services or the police automatically, these systems help ensure that help is nearby when you truly need it most.

We are proud members of the following organizations:

  • pinellas-logo
  • wesley-logo
  • cpar-logo
  • gtar-logo
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Prime Protection Pro Tip

Many wireless home security systems from ADT work with a smartphone app. This makes keeping up with your pets and family much easier. For example, motion and door sensors will alert you if someone is sneaking around your property. But they can also alert you when your child walks in the front door after school, if an older adult in your home gets out of bed.

Popular Products from Our Home Security System Company in Boca Grande, FL

Want to learn more about the products and services offered at Prime Protection? We offer a wide range of home security alarm products, from affordable security cameras to fully monitored home protection plans that include automated features. Here are just a few of the most popular products we provide to homeowners and commercial clients in Boca Grande:

 ADT Home Security Boca Grande, FL
 ADT Home Security System Boca Grande, FL

ADT Monitored Home Automation

By integrating a home automation system, you can turn your house into a futuristic living space. Automating your home provides you with control over various aspects such as lighting, energy efficiency, home security, and video doorbells. A few features of ADT's monitored home automation package include the following:

  • Smart Plugs
  • Monitored Smart Door Locks
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Monitored Garage Door Security
  • Monitored Security Cameras
  • More

ADT Monitored Doorbell Cameras

When it comes to home robberies, almost 34% of criminals come through your front door. Doorbell cameras with motion detection from ADT can help you keep unwanted guests away from your home. When your doorbell camera detects someone at your front door, you'll get an alert on your smartphone. When you're not at home, you can see and communicate with anyone who happens to be at your front door, from delivery drivers to neighbors.

Doorbell camera features include:

  • Weatherproof
  • Two-Way Audio
  • HD Imaging and Video
  • Wide Viewing Angles
  • Wireless
  • Compatible with Android and Apple Devices
  • Infrared LED Night Vision
 Home Security Near Me Boca Grande, FL
 ADT Alarm System Boca Grande, FL

ADT Monitored Home Alarm Systems

These days, having a reliable alarm system for your home in Boca Grande is essential. Aras like Sunny Isles Beach has seen an increase in property crime at more than 12 incidents per 1,000 people in 2024 alone. With hurricanes and other natural disasters occurring often, it's normal to be concerned about your property.

Fortunately, ADT's home alarm system covers various aspects of home protection, including monitoring for burglaries, fire, flood, and carbon monoxide. Prime Protection LLC offers additional features like video monitoring, door lock and unlock, thermostat adjustment, garage door control, light control, and even the ability to see and communicate with visitors at your front door through home automation options.

Features of our monitored home alarm systems can include the following:

  • Burglar Alarms
  • Command Panel
  • Monitored Glass Break Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Window & Door Sensors
  • Key Fob for Alarming & Disarming

Is Signing Up with Prime Protection Easy?

Now that you know a little more about our company, our products, and why you should invest in a home security system in Boca Grande, FL, you may be excited to learn more or sign up for ADT monitoring services. We make it as easy as possible so you can get the protection you need in as little time as possible. Here's a quick snapshot of our working process:

 ADT Security Systems Boca Grande, FL

Get Your Quote Today!

Whether your home security system is underperforming, outdated, or non-existent, Prime Protection is here to help. Our home alarm systems do more than make noise - they make your life easier and provide peace of mind, even when you're away.

If a worst-case scenario happens and your home is burglarized, you'll have the right protections in place to keep your family safe. Contact Prime Protection today and take the first step toward a safer, more enjoyable home life in Boca Grande.

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Latest News in Boca Grande, FL

Coast Guard rescues 8 people, including child, after boat capsizes 36 miles west of Florida coastline

8 rescued after boat capsizes west of Boca Grande, Florida: USCGA Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater aircrew in Florida rescued a child and seven adults on Saturday, after their 28-foot boat capsized 36 miles west of Boca Grande. (@USCGSoutheast via X)A U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) aircrew came to the re...

8 rescued after boat capsizes west of Boca Grande, Florida: USCG

A Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater aircrew in Florida rescued a child and seven adults on Saturday, after their 28-foot boat capsized 36 miles west of Boca Grande. (@USCGSoutheast via X)

A U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) aircrew came to the rescue of seven adults and one child, after their boat capsized 36 miles west off of the Boca Grande, Florida, coastline on Saturday.

Officials with the U.S. Coast Guard Southeast said in a press release that the boaters reported that their 28-foot boat capsized and was sinking off the coast of Boca Grande, which is near Fort Myers.

After the boaters activated an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB), an Air Station Clearwater MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter aircrew honed in on a signal coming from the boaters’ Personal Locator Beacons.

The crew said they spotted the beacon's strobe lights and found all eight people wearing life jackets while holding onto a cooler.


(USCG Southeast)

In footage of the dramatic rescue, the USCG helicopter was seen hovering above the stranded boaters before lifting them from the waters.


According to the aircrew, they hoisted each person out of the water and took them to emergency medical services at Venice Municipal Airport.

No injuries were reported, the USCG said.

(USCG Southeast)

Petty Officer 3rd Class Santiago Gomez, Coast Guard Public Affairs Detachment Tampa Bay, said that the boaters carried all the necessary lifesaving equipment needed.

"The boaters in distress carried close to every piece of lifesaving equipment we encourage the public to carry onboard their vessel," Gomez said. "Life jackets, an EPIRB, a PLB, visual signaling devices and a marine grade radio with VHF-FM channel 16 improve our Coast Guard crews’ abilities to locate mariners in distress and increase the chances of a positive outcome to bring them safely home."


"Today marks the beginning of the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season, and these safe boating practices make a difference year-round," he said.

Our beautiful beaches: Reader's Digest put these four Lee County spots on it's 'gems' list

Reader's Digest loves Lee County beaches.In an article the popular magazine published on Feb. 15 titled "15 Best Beaches in Florida Locals Want to Keep Secret", four Lee County beaches were highlighted as being among the best in the Sunshine State, representi...

Reader's Digest loves Lee County beaches.

In an article the popular magazine published on Feb. 15 titled "15 Best Beaches in Florida Locals Want to Keep Secret", four Lee County beaches were highlighted as being among the best in the Sunshine State, representing a wide-range of the Southwest Florida coastline. The beaches on the list are:

The author of the article, Liz Zack, referred to these beaches as "the hidden gems just a little off the beaten path."

What Reader's Digest said about Lee County's 'hidden gem' beaches


Best for: Shelling and sunsets

One of the most incredible shelling destinations in Florida, if not in the entire United States, Bowmans Beach, on the west end of Sanibel island, rewards visitors with sand dollars and conch shells, and even sometimes (after a storm) the elusive and exceedingly rare Junonia shell. Parking is on the steep side at $5 an hour (the same as all Sanibel beaches), so make the most of your time on the sand by hitting the beach in the afternoon and staying for the breathtaking sunset.

Reader's Digest points out that "many of the on-island properties are still recovering after Hurricane Ian."


Best for: Tarpon fishing

Nestled between Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico sits lush, no-rush Gasparilla Island and its perfect beaches. It takes about an hour to reach from Fort Myers and two from Tampa, but once here, you won’t need your car. Grab a beach bag and hit the road via bicycle or golf cart. Those are just fine for zipping around this seven-mile-long paradise in southwest Florida and checking out the dolphins in the distance.


Best for: Saltwater fishing

Located on the south side of Captiva Island just beyond Sanibel, this beach makes one of the most perfect, crowd-free picnic and play spots on the island, with tons of shelling and incredible saltwater fishing. Though its beloved by anglers, you’ll see all kinds of wildlife here, from seabirds to dolphins in the oh-so-blue waters beyond. Just note that the undertow can be strong—especially near the bridge, where the water gets deep quickly—so save swimming for farther down the beach, away from the bridge.


Best for: Biking on the beach

A squiggle of barrier islands near Fort Myers Beach and Estero Island, this area was saved from condo development in the ’80s and preserved for all to enjoy as a state park instead. More than two miles of pristine, secluded beaches stretch out here, and you’ll likely spot a dolphin or a manatee swimming by. But arguably, the best reason to visit this Florida beach is to take advantage of the five miles of biking that surround it. With tons of scenic spots to stop and take in the view, you’ll see osprey diving for their lunch and the resident alligator sunning itself by the nearby freshwater lagoon.

Collier County was also represented on the list with Marco Island's Tigertail Beach.

How Reader's Digest chose its 'Best Florida Beaches'

The author wrote: "We explored and paddleboarded our way across the Sunshine State to bring you this list of secret finds. We also talked to Florida locals and travel experts and scoured the TripAdvisor boards to find not just the best beaches but also the best things to do at them and the best places to stay."

Did you know?

With 1,350 miles of ocean views, according to he Reader's Digest article, Florida is home to one of the largest coastlines in the United States, second only to Alaska.

Other Florida Beaches on the Reader's Digest list

USPS responds to complaints about island postal service

In the last month, the Boca Beacon has received a number of complaints about missing packages and returned mail at the Boca Grande Post Office. The issues were so bad that someone took the time to post a notice on the bulletin board at the bike path just over 10 days ago.It read, in red, “Are you missing mail? 1-888-USPS-OIG.” That number is for the U.S.P.S. Office of Inspector General.After being contacted by the Boca Beacon, Lecia A. Hall, who is public relations representative for the U.S.P.S. for Florida, said t...

In the last month, the Boca Beacon has received a number of complaints about missing packages and returned mail at the Boca Grande Post Office. The issues were so bad that someone took the time to post a notice on the bulletin board at the bike path just over 10 days ago.

It read, in red, “Are you missing mail? 1-888-USPS-OIG.” That number is for the U.S.P.S. Office of Inspector General.

After being contacted by the Boca Beacon, Lecia A. Hall, who is public relations representative for the U.S.P.S. for Florida, said that the agency is aware of the issues, and issued a formal statement.

“The U.S. Postal Service always strives to provide the best possible service to our valued customers. When mail service issues occur, we take steps to quickly resolve customer concerns. Local postal management in Boca Grande is aware of recent customer concerns and is addressing these issues. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been experienced by the Post Office Box residents receiving mail and packages at the Boca Grande Post Office.”

Lecia Hall, U.S.P.S.

One issue raised to the national U.S.P.S. is the non-delivery of packages and letters when they have a hashtag in them, instead of a P.O. Box. These hashtags come from the USPS website, when you put your address in. In one case, a Boca Grande resident had a package that did not appear in his box, and tracking said that “it has been disposed of by the U.S.P.S.”

The proper name was on the package, as was the box number, but there was a hashtag.

Another issue was a regular prescription package that was returned to the shipper because of the hashtag. The package had been delivered in previous months. The hashtag was not in the shipper’s system, however. It had been added by computer, presumably by the U.S.P.S. addressing system.

In all cases, the issue is that shippers use FedEx, UPS and USPS in their shipping, and Boca Grande does not have home delivery, and so requires both a box number, and a street address. Thus, the number and street address are on packages, and computer systems just do not like or allow the formatting.

Hall recommends the following preferred addressing:

Jane Anybody (Name/Company)PO Box 12345 (Box number)Anytown, USA 12345-6789 (City/State/Province/ZIP Code)

She also said that Boca Grande residents “can assist the Postal Service by making sure all mail, parcels and packages are properly addressed. The PO Box number must be preceded with ‘PO Box’. Hashtag usage should generally be avoided.”

One solution can be informed delivery. Hall said that it is a “USPS service that provides a notification of soon-to-arrive mail and packages, allowing customers to track and manage mail and packages daily and could be useful for residents to know what mail is being delivered to their Post Office Boxes.”

The Boca Beacon asked if General Delivery (i.e. addressing letters to the post office without a box, something that is done by travelers, for pickup) might be an option for residents on the island. Hall said that it would not.

One suggestion offered by users on island is also to make complaints known via the website of Rep. Byron Donalds, at donalds.house.gov. There is a tab with CONTACT on it, and on that there is a link to a formal casework form specifically regarding postal issues.

Tips & Contact:

Placida Bunkhouse still needs attention, entrance to Boca Grande

By JOHN VALICKAS, Guest ColumnistPart of the uniqueness and the cultural identity that Boca Grande enjoys comes from its rich historical roots. Although many of the island’s historical structures have been destroyed to make way for new homes and businesses, many others have been saved through the foresight and leadership of residents and elected officials who saw the value of preserving structures that contribute to the distinctive character of this seaside island.Imagine if the Railroad Depot (1910) or the Port Boca Gran...

By JOHN VALICKAS, Guest Columnist

Part of the uniqueness and the cultural identity that Boca Grande enjoys comes from its rich historical roots. Although many of the island’s historical structures have been destroyed to make way for new homes and businesses, many others have been saved through the foresight and leadership of residents and elected officials who saw the value of preserving structures that contribute to the distinctive character of this seaside island.

Imagine if the Railroad Depot (1910) or the Port Boca Grande Lighthouse (1890) or the Boca Grande Community Center (1929) wasn’t there to give the island its depth of history and community.

Similarly, across the Causeway Bridge in the village of Placida, there is a precious piece of railroad history sitting at the top of the Pioneer Trail, waiting for a chance to tell its story. The Placida “Bunkhouse” was built in 1907 to house railroad workers as the Charlotte Harbor and Northern Railroad pushed its way across the Florida wilderness to bring phosphate to Port Boca Grande and then to the far corners of the earth. This building is the only survivor of a series of “bunkhouses” built along the route of the railroad, a couple of them even in the old port area on the island, long gone now.

Over the years, in the sparsely settled Placida and Cape Haze region, the building not only served as a bunkhouse, but as a makeshift church, a school, a post office, and a home to a number of families, some of whom still remember living in it.

Charlotte County took possession of the building from its owner in the early 2000s and relocated it from its original site as the realignment of the Coral Creek Bridge threatened the structure. County officials have said that fundraising efforts to restore the building years ago were unsuccessful and that the County’s mission was only for “preservation” and not “restoration.”

It would be an absolute shame to have this very last piece of Placida history deteriorate to the point that it becomes unsalvageable.

I hope that the County of Charlotte does the right thing and restores the Placida Bunkhouse and creates either a local railroad history museum or a nature discovery center, perhaps partnering with Mote Marine Laboratory, whose own birthplace was in Placida. What a great opportunity to restore not only an incredible historical building, but to reintroduce Placida as a place where incredible history was first made.

Below, images of the cottage.


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