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ADT Home Security Cameras in Tampa

In every single sphere of life one cannot fail to realize that the proverbial ‘’keeping an eye on things’’ is an adage to live by. No one can deny that they always feel better when they’re on top of things when it comes to their loved ones, their businesses or their possessions.

That is why one needs to be highly observant when picking out a home or business security system.

When focusing on choosing a security camera system you need to remember that this object is to become your eyes, and you need to trust it as such. So, as for quality and exemplary performance – look no further than ADT Security Systems in Tampa – it is most definitely the way to go.

ADT Security Systems  offer a wide range of home security cameras. These cameras are designed in a layered way – they are a protection and a deterrent from further crimes.

It’s just that bit more of protection, for your peace of mind So when a burglar is caught very clearly on one of ADT security cameras – you know you made the right choice.

ADT Outdoor Security Camera

When it comes to installation – our technicians make things extremely easy and quick. As for appearance, the security cameras and the full system you choose can be as low-key or visible as you want it. The aim of ADT Systems is to tailor our offer to best fit your needs.

The possibilities are endless with ADT’s security camera systems.

First off – any owner of one of our wireless security cameras has mobile access to their own system and the object of that surveillance. There is an option of a live feed, and all you need is a smart phone or working desktop computer with a Wi-Fi connection.

Motion detectors are also an integral part of ADT’s camera systems. If you choose to sync the cameras to the motion detectors, you can immediately receive the most important clips when the detectors are set off, as well as save any video clips you deem necessary.

Aside from keeping your home or business safe from burglars or fires, the ADT camera system is also a great asset when it comes to other unexpected events in your home such as a potential flood(with an upgrade for water detectors), so your response upon viewing the problem on your feed can be immediate and reduce any potential damage.

The ADT Pulse® application is an example of one of our products that make it able for you to be away but still very much there to oversee any goings on in your home.

ADT Pulse Application

With this system you can perfectly manage your day to day existence. Imagine for example, that you are unexpectedly needed at the office, but a crew of workers is due to come to do work on your kitchen, because the renovations were set to begin that very day. You simply cannot back out– nor can you miss work because that project is just too important. Fear not, for this particular system, in addition to the live feed, has the built in options of remote control for locks, lights and temperature control – accessible via app we provide. Piece of cake – you indeed can be in two places at the same time. You’ve already beat the odds, and isn’t that a thing of beauty?

One of the most frequent queries our customers have for us has to do with whether anyone else but them can reach the camera’s signal, thus viewing images and footage captured by the system. The answer to that question is as follows: ADT wireless security camera systems work based on what is called wireless encrypted protocol by the name WPA2. The industry has acknowledged it as a way to restrain access to Wi-Fi networks. So, to sum up – you and your wireless signals have literally nothing to fear as they are securely sheltered and remain private in between your camera and the iHub. This is yet another one of the ways in which ADT home surveillance systems make sure you are well and truly protected.

ADT Video Digital Recorder

A digital video recorder is yet another part of our offer through which our customers can access their system’s footage, as well as use the option of setting your recorder to record video on all cameras at the same time. Disregarding which system you go with – this recorder is an item that should definitely be on your list as it is integral to enhancing the performance of your chosen ADT Home Security System.

ADT Dome Security Camera

Dome cameras are one important and interesting part of our offer. They are easily installed pretty much anywhere you desire, their range is a full 360°. The end result is crystal clear footage available in several formats(H.264, MPEG-4, OR MJPEG), even when the lighting conditions are less than ideal i.e. – in low light environment. Our outdoor dome cameras all have a TurboHD Output with a resolution of 1080p. The heater, which is its built-in feature makes  both day and night recording possible, with a reach of 40m when it comes to visibility.

Outdoor bullet camera comes with the resolution of HD1080p. The reach of visuals is advanced via 5-50mm varifocal lens to bring you that brilliance of focus.

The Turret camera has a VF lens and comes with HD1080p resolution, reach of visuals 40m, crisp, clear focus all the way.

ADT Turret Security Camera

Choosing the best surveillance system for a business is a core essential for its prosperity. We are able to create the very peak in security systems. It can be as hidden or as displayed fully as you need or want it to be. HD video is a given with all our systems. Night vision, long reach lens, license plate capture and a design built to fend off vandals are all key parts of our company’s offer.

Essentially, all you need to know when to comes to shopping for safety is the three little letters that carry so much weight. ADT. And then just sit back, and let us do the rest.

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