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ADT Home Security in St Petersburg, Florida

St Petersburg Florida is home to over 200,000 residents.  Downtown St Pete has become a popular hot spot for visitors and continues to attract new families wanting to settle down.  Home protection is a necessity when you realize tourism is booming, and residential property is in high demand.   ADT St Petersburg employs security professionals who work around the clock to ensure your security needs are met.

ADT St Pete offers safety from theft, natural disasters, and fire hazards.  We know you have an abundance of home security companies to choose from, however ADT is backed by 140 years of experience and 10 monitoring centers across North America.  No other home security company can compare in terms of expertise and customer satisfaction.   ADT has served over eight million satisfied customers, making us the most trusted, well know brand in the industry.

When it comes to protecting loved ones, life offers no guarantee.  But at ADT your satisfaction is important to us, and we are committed to providing you with state-of-the-art equipment and services.  The ADT exclusive guarantee offers a money-back guarantee, a homeowner’s insurance certificate, theft protection, and a special mover’s package.

The money-back guarantee is completely hassle-free, we will refund the system installation price and pay all monitoring fees after we have attempted to resolve your concerns.  With the homeowner’s insurance certificate, you may be eligible to lower your current homeowner’s insurance rates.  ADT’s theft protection pays up to $500 of your insurance deductible in the event a burglary occurs while the security system is armed.  Lastly, the mover’s security guarantee provides special discounts on security for your new home valued up to $749.

ADT Turret Security Camera

ADT St Pete also offers a top of the line automation service called ADT pulse.  Out celebrated security automation solutions offers many ways to monitor your home security when you are away.  With the ADT Pulse App, you can arm and disarm your home security system from anywhere, receive live alerts on your mobile device about the status of your system and your home, and view live camera feed 24/7.

ADT Pulse Mobile Application

ADT pulse is a renowned security automation system recognized nationwide for its comprehensive technology.  Our team of highly skilled professionals are dedicated to customer satisfaction and ensuring your home security needs are being met.   ADT professionals are available all year round, 24/7 to answer questions, resolve concerns, or help with your home security needs.

Some popular security features include motion and glass breakage detectors, wireless and hardwired keypads, and a cellular backup solution- Safewatch CellGuard.  In the event of a telephone or digital voice line outage, Safewatch CellGuard can transmit alarm signals to an ADT Customer Monitoring Center through a cellular network, helping prevent a lapse in your security service. Safewatch CellGuard can help back up the ADT security system if your telephone or digital voice service is disrupted due to:

  • Storms
  • Accidents
  • Fallen lines
  • Construction
  • Cut lines
  • Other communication-provider issues

ADT Security Keypad

Additional services include panic and fire buttons to instantly dispatch emergency services to your home.  ADT can also link family members’ medical bracelets to our support team for swift correspondence to emergency services when needed.  With all that ADT has to offer, it is no wonder we are America’s first choice for home security.

With ADT St Petersburg,home security has never been so simple.  You can feel confident in our home security professionals who are working around the clock ensure that your home is under constant protection.  Contact us today to learn which security features will best fit your needs.

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