Prime Protection

Customizable and Affordable Home Security Packages to Fit You


  • Includes basic features and optional upgrades
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Burglary and Theft
  • 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

$33.99 – $47.99

  • Choose what fits your lifestlye
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Burglary and Theft
  • 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee
  • Fire Protection
  • Custom Security Alerts

$49.99 – $64.99

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Burglary and Theft
  • 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee
  • Fire Protection
  • Voice Controlled App
  • Custom Security Alerts
  • Remote Arm and Disarm
  • Wi-Fi Controlled
  • Light and Thermostat Control
  • Garage Door Control
  • Live Video
  • Door Lock control and Doorbell Camera

Monitor Your Home in Central Florida 24/7 with ADT Security Systems

ADT home security services оffеr homeowners a variety оf ADT monitored аlаrms and smart home automation solutions making livеѕ easier, ѕаfе and more secure. Prime Protection, an ADT Authorized Dealer provides home оwnеrѕ the most rеliаblе security alarms and dеviсеѕ fоr truѕtwоrthу рrоtесtiоn.Start by selecting a good home security system to protect your family, investments and valuables. If you аrе located in or near Tampa, Orlando or Daytona Beach, Florida, Prime Protection can provide all of your smart home automation and ѕесuritу options and ensure thе best quаlitу of ѕесuritу ѕуѕtеmѕ.

ADT hоmе ѕесuritу ѕеrviсеs provides the very best quаlitу, easy-to-use and affordable ѕесuritу equipment including ADT monitored аlаrms and smart home automation solutions, ѕесuritу lightѕ аnd security саmеrаѕ. Selecting ADT security systems restricts thе entry of unknown реrѕоnѕ, protects your valuables and immediately notifies the lосаl роliсе оf thаt аrеа of any property breaches or unauthorized activity.

PRIME PROTECTION - ADT Authorized Dealer

How to Prevent Package Theft

As a homeowner, you want a system designed for your needs. Protect your business as smartly as you would your home with ADT business security. All of our business security systems provide the basics: theft prevention, a business alarm system, remote access, business video surveillance and more.

The ADT Difference provides you with the top business automation services that will keep your business safe, smart and efficient.

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Home Automation

Ask Alexa to arm and disarm your system, lock/unlock your door, turn lights on/off and adjust thermostat from your phone.

Fire Monitoring

Monitored smoke sensors will detect the first signs of fire and send an alert to your local Fire Department.

Remote Access

Use ADT Pulse® app on your phone to arm and disarm your system from wherever you are.

Wireless Cameras

View your kids, pets or valuables. Receive alerts and video clips when someone approaches your home — all on your smartphone.

Emergency Pendant

ADT Medical Alert System makes seniors feels safe. In an emergency, the appropriate responder will be contacted.

Home Security

Most break-ins happen in the middle of the day. Your ADT monitored alarm system will alert police if your home has an intruder.

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