cctv commercial
November 23, 2020

Commercial CCTV Security Cameras

Commercial CCTV security systems are integral part of every business, in order protect your business and employees. As
video doorbell
November 16, 2020

Video Doorbell Hacking

Since video doorbells have come on the scene it has made life easier for homeowners. Being able to
house fires
November 9, 2020

Home Fires Preventative Measures

Home fires can be devastating causing major damage to your home and can be fatal.  According to the
business security solutions
November 2, 2020

Business Security and Fire Monitoring Solutions

At Prime Protection LLC we offer the latest in business security options. From glass break detectors to motion
adt homeowners halloween
October 26, 2020

ADT Homeowners Halloween Safety Tips

ADT homeowners are gearing up for Halloween this week. The beloved holiday of kids around the world which
October 19, 2020

How-To: Deter A Burglar and Protect Your Home Today

Safeguarding your home from a burglar is a must as a homeowner or business owner. In 2018 there
adt home security tampa
October 13, 2020

ADT Home Security Tampa- Prime Protection LLC

In 2019 there were 8,174 reported crimes in the city of Tampa. 6,576 of these reported crimes were
home security system
October 5, 2020

Why You Need a Home Security System

According to the Florida department of law In 2018 in the state of Florida 16,862 robbery offenses reported
September 24, 2018

Most Common Crimes in Orlando | PRIME PROTECTION LLC

According to one resource, most frequent crimes last year were burglary and theft. Prime Protection LLC, an authorized
home security system sold house
September 13, 2018

Home sales on the rise in Orlando | PRIME PROTECTION LLC

As home sales are on the rise, families are seeking areas that are well established near to restaurants,
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