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What To Know Before Buying ADT Security Cameras

When it comes to protecting your home or business, investing in an ADT security system with cameras is crucial. Among the options available, ADT security cameras are an industry leader in home surveillance. Their security cameras offer 24/7 video-monitoring, as well as the ability to view your cameras remotely through your smartphone or computer. These security cameras can be configured to let you know whenever someone is on your property, and record high-definition footage around the clock.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of ADT security cameras and how they can help you keep your home or business safer.

  1. Visual Verification

Purchasing a security system with cameras will allow you to verify who is at your front door. With ADT’s security cameras or doorbell cameras, you can use the ADT Control app on your phone to remotely view your cameras. Some plans will also allow you to store high-definition of footage of your cameras up to 48 hours. This can be a great deterrent to burglars or those who may attempt to vandalize your property.

2. Deterring Criminal Activity

ADT security cameras are a great deterrent to burglars or those who may attempt to break-in to your home or business. Many surveys have shown that even the sight of an active security system can be a deterrent to potential criminals looking to break into homes. A well-equipped security system with ADT cameras can also allow law enforcement to track down trespassers much more quickly.

  1. Preventing Package Theft

During the holiday season, package theft is a problem for many homeowners. An ADT security system with cameras allows you to monitor the delivery process. You can also receive notifications when packages are dropped off and keep an eye on your belongings, which can be done through your smartphone or computer even while you are away from home. Some plans allow you to save high-definition footage for up to 48 hours, or set rules for what you would like your cameras to automatically record footage to a secure server.

Now that you know what a professionally-installed security system can do for you, make the right choice to protect your loved ones. Give us here at Prime Protection a call today at 1-800-214-7208 and we’ll help you get the right system that fits your home and budget.

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