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What Does ADT’s Glassbreak Detector Offer?

One of the first things that many new home-owners are interested in purchasing is a security system that includes security cameras, glass-break detectors, along with a security monitoring service like ADT. While we’ve gone over the benefits of other ADT products in other posts, today we will be providing a brief outline of what ADT’s glass-break detector offers.

  1. First Line Of Defense

Criminals commonly break glass to first enter a home. When paired with ADT’s 24/7 security monitoring, a glass-break detector will immediately trigger your security system and alert the police, possibly preventing any of your valuables from being stolen at all.

2. Wide Area Of Coverage

ADT’s glass-break sensors are rated for up to 25ft of coverage. In some homes, a single glassbreak detector will be enough to cover every single entry point into the home, helping you save on other sensors such as motion detectors or security cameras.

3. Smart Device Integration

One of the benefits of going with ADT devices for home security is that all of their devices can be integrated seamlessly with your smartphone. This will allow for you to receive remote notifications whenever a glass-break is detected, remotely view video from your security cameras to confirm the source of the noise, and call the police remotely to ensure that your home is protected anywhere, any time.

Interested in purchasing a security system for your home or business? If you are in the Florida area, give us at Prime Protection a call at 1-800-214-7208. We have been serving the Florida area for over 10 years and are one of the top-rated ADT dealers in Florida for a reason.

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