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What Are Some Of The Products ADT Offers?

With burglary on the rise recently, it’s no surprise that many new-homeowners’ first concern is how to protect their home and belongings. For the best protection, however, it’s important to not just have a security system, but to have an actively monitored security system through a reputable company like ADT, with equipment installed by an authorized dealer of ADT products.

Here are just a few of the products ADT offers:

Door/Window Contacts: These wireless contacts attach to any door or window in your home, and link up with your security system to alert you when they are opened.

Motion Detector: These detectors offer 25ft of coverage in all directions and use an infrared sensor to detect motion in your home.

Glassbreak Detector: These detectors sense the unique sound of glass breaking for 25ft in all directions, and send you live alerts whenever they go off, even when you’re away.

Smoke Detector: ADT’s smoke detectors detect low-lying smoke 15 minutes faster than most standard home smoke detectors. With ADT security monitoring, it can also call the fire department if your smoke detector is going off.

Google Nest Camera: These security cameras work with ADT’s security monitoring due to ADT’s partnership with Google, and can offer 24/7 video monitoring with the ability to record clips. There are also indoor/outdoor versions and wired/battery-powered versions.

Google Nest Doorbell: Similar to the Google Nest security cameras, this video doorbell can send you live-video feed and notifications for who’s at your front door.

Kwikset Doorlock: This smart doorlock allows you to lock/unlock your front door remotely from your smartphone.

These are just a few of the products we at Prime Protection are authorized to install by ADT. If you’re ready to bring your home security game to the next level and are located in the Florida area, contact us at 1-800-214-7208 and we’ll help you find a plan that works best for you.

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