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Guns Make Floridians Safer? Not so fast.

Florida: The numbers are in and they don’t look good. Almost 200,000 guns were reported either lost or stolen in 2015 (http://www.governing.com/gov-data/stolen-guns-lost-firearms-by-state-data.html). In 2012 alone nearly 11,756 firearms were reported stolen. Obviously that doesn’t include those who failed to report stolen guns. That begs the question, are we making ourselves safer with a greater purchase in firearms or are we only helping to arm the bad guys? How can you really keep your family and home safe? Even if you own a firearm you can’t be home all the time.

That is where companies like Prime Protection LLC come in. With offices in Tampa, Orlando, Wesley Chapel and Daytona Beach, Florida, Prime Protection offers CCTV security systems with DVR in addition to online accessibility. Check on your home and family anywhere in the world via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

All cameras are HD quality and capable of recording outdoors and at night. With CCTV you will be able to see an intruder, the police, get your family to safety, and have evidence to assist in prosecution all without ever facing down an unknown person who may be armed.

Prime Protection is an authorized local ADT Dealer, and a provider of CCTV Security Cameras, Home Security and Home Automation. They offer low cost Home Alarm Security Systems with no lengthy contracts and no installation fees.

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