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ADT Home Security Tampa- Prime Protection LLC

In 2019 there were 8,174 reported crimes in the city of Tampa. 6,576 of these reported crimes were property related and 1,047 burglaries. These statistics can be alarming as a homeowner because nobody wants to be the victim of a crime or have their property stolen. Luckily there are measures you as a homeowner can take to protect your home and help deter theft. The easiest way to do this is to get a home security system. Not all home security systems are created equal before making a purchase or entering into a contract it’s important to know exactly what you are getting and what services are excluded or cost an additional fee.

At Prime Protection LLC we are an official licensed ADT Dealer. We are based out of the Tampa region and service many areas. At ADT home security Tampa we offer the most up to date security technology and we have something to meet every need and budget. In today’s post we will talk about some of the products we offer and how it can benefit you as a homeowner.

ADT Security Cameras

At Prime Protection LLC we have a wide range of cameras to meet every homeowner’s need. From Indoor HD cameras to video doorbell cameras we have something to fit every need and budget.

Our security cameras link to the ADT app from your cell phone. This app gives you the ability to see what’s going on in your home from virtually anywhere in the world at any given time. Our security cameras are motion activated and start recording when motion is detected. You can can play back recorded video footage at anytime.

ADT Home Alarm Systems

A good home alarm system is a must in today’s unpredictable world. Home alarm systems safeguard our home and belongings and allow us to have eyes on things at all times. Today’s home alarm can monitor your home, but did you know they also can turn your home into a smart house? Our ADT home alarm systems are state of the art touch screens which allow you to control your homes functions. You can also control your home systems from the ADT app from your cell phone. Gone are the days of forgetting to adjust the thermostat or turn off the lights before you leave.

ADT Video Doorbell Cameras

Your front door is your first line of defense against an intruder. The majority of criminals gain entryway into a home through the front door. Video doorbell cameras allow you to keep eyes on your home at all times.  Two-way video communication allow you to communicate with whoever is at your front door before granting them access to your home. This is an easy way to deter unwelcome guests or solicitors. Doorbell cameras also allow you to keep track of package deliveries and prevent theft.

Whether you are looking for security for your home or business needs ADT home security Tampa has it covered. Secure you home and keep your loved ones safe today by calling us at 813-704-0493

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