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ADT Homeowners Halloween Safety Tips

ADT homeowners are gearing up for Halloween this week. The beloved holiday of kids around the world which is know for its fun costumes, treats, and tricks. Halloween is a lot of fun, but it’s also important to stay safe. These are some practical tips on how to stay safe this Halloween!

Arm Your Home security System. 

If you are going to be gone throughout the night at Halloween celebrations or taking the family trick or treating be sure to arm your home security system before leaving. ADT homeowners who use our security systems can do this easily from the ADT app or their key fob.

Deter Vehicle Vandals

During Halloween incidents of car vandalism increase by 5%. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HDLI), your vehicle is almost twice as likely to get vandalized on Halloween night. The average cost per claim was $1,528. That’s not exactly an easy cleanup job.

To protect your vehicle from vandalism on Halloween night: park in well lit areas, remove all valuables and electronics, choose trick or treating neighborhoods wisely, lock your doors and roll up windows, park in a garage or driveway when possible, and if you are handing out candy make sure your car is in line of sight.

To avoid accidental bumps or scratches from trick or treaters park your car in garage.

Safe Driving Tips

  • Be alert for your children when driving especially in poorly lit areas or neighborhoods.
  • When entering or leaving a driveway do so carefully and check for trick or treaters who may wander into your path of direction.
  • Discuss driving safety with teenager drivers. Drivers ages 15-25 were involved in around one-third of fatal crashes involving child pedestrians on Halloween.
  • If you encounter an impaired driver on the road, be sure to alert the proper authorities.

Avoid Property Pranks

During Halloween home theft is increased to 60%. During Halloween it’s easy to let your guard down when numbers of visitors in your neighborhood increases. This is also unfortunately an easier time for potential thieves.

  • Consider installing motion sensor lights around your property. This discourages pranksters.
  • Tape up your mail slot to avoid unwanted “mail” such as smoke bombs on Halloween night

Homeowner Safety

  • Instead of open flame candles use LED or electronic lights instead. A tipped candle can cause your house or yard to catch on fire.
  • Loose bricks and broken railings can be a hazard for trick-or-treaters. Make sure your porch is safe and everything is in working condition.
  • Animals can be unpredictable and can escape unexpectedly through an open door. To keep your pets safe on Halloween confine them to a room in your house with a door or gate.

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