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Business Security and Fire Monitoring Solutions

At Prime Protection LLC we offer the latest in business security options. From glass break detectors to motion sensors we have it all to keep your business and employees safe. In today’s post we will highlight some of the benefits and features to owning a commercial security system.

Intrusion Protection

Did you know that the front door is an easy access point for a burglar to gain entrance?

As an authorized ADT dealer our products use ADT monitoring. This 24/7 monitoring detects and deters activities that can cause harm to your business or employees.

Our sensors are placed strategically will detect and alert you if someone is trying to enter your business.  Glass break sensors will alert you of a possible break in. Motion detectors let you know if someone is inside your business.

Security Automations

  • Lock and unlock the doors of your business. No more worrying about giving employees keys to your business.
  • Schedule your lights to turn on at a certain time, which helps deter burglars if your business looks open.
  • Control your business security automations from the comfort of your phone. Allowing you control and access from virtually anywhere in the world.

Monitored Sensors

  • Door and window sensors alert you immediately if there has been unauthorized entry into your business.
  • Motion sensors detect movement in your business, giving you an extra level of interior security.
  • Glass break detectors
  • Flood monitoring alerts you to water leaks and lets you take action to prevent damage.

Video Surveillance

Video cameras allow you to check on your business and employees any time of day or night.

  • Crisp clear video quality in 1080p HD quality, even dark or low light.
  • Motion activated cameras alert you to movement in your business.
  • If you’re managing multiple locations you can check on all your locations from one single account.

Dome Cameras

View video in up to 1080p resolution, with true day/night viewing functionality. Dome cameras are designed to withstand all elements, and can be used indoors or outdoors. They work in no-light or low-light settings. Footage is recorded and stored digitally; giving you access at anytime.

Bullet Cameras

Accordingly research has shown the presence of bullet cameras make buildings undesirable to criminals. These cameras work both indoors and outdoors. Bullet cameras have a longer range compared to other cameras making them ideal for parking lots or backyards.


Turret Cameras

View video in up to 1080p resolution, with true day/night viewing functionality, whether you use them inside or outdoors. This camera offers the same high quality imagery of the dome, but without the pitfalls caused by the glass housing. This is a single IR glass to the side of the lense, as opposed to the traditional ring of leds.

dome camera

Watch Your Business From Anywhere In The World

Additionally all ADT products are controlled by the ADT control app. This app can be accessed on any smart phone from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Watch live video and recordings from your cell phone.
  • Switch between multiple cameras

ADT Commercial Fire Alarms 

ADT commercial fire alarm monitoring protects your business in the event a fire should break out.

Fires continue to represent a significant threat to your business. In one year alone, national estimates for nonresidential building fires and losses were $2,007,300,000. *Source: FEMA and U.S. Fire Administration, Nonresidential Building Fire Trends, May 2018

In conclusion as a business owner preparing for the unexpected can mean the difference between a total loss and security. Your business isn’t just an investment, it’s your life line.

Protect your business and your employees by making the necessary investment of a security system. Protect your lifeline today by calling us at 813-544-4335

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