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Video Doorbell Hacking

Since video doorbells have come on the scene it has made life easier for homeowners. Being able to see who is on the other side of your door and keeping a watch for porch pirates are just some of the benefits of video doorbell cameras. There have also been incidents of hackers being able to gain access to someone’s system and spying on unsuspecting homeowners. Find out if your system is at risk.

Risk of Hacking

Ashley LeMay who is named in a lawsuit against the makers of the Ring video doorbell camera says a hacker gained access to their camera and told her daughter that the was Santa Clause. This hacker also instructed her daughter to destroy her belongings. Another family also reported their system was hacked, and the hacker began conversing with them.

How does this happen? The answer lies within user’s data. According to NordVPN In 2019, more than 3000 Ring users’ credentials ended up online. They came from a credential stuffing attack, not the company’s databases. The hackers took username and password combinations from other breaches and used them to log into Ring accounts. Since people tend to use the same credentials for most of their accounts, many of those attacks were successful.

If you were considering purchasing a video doorbell camera you may be having reservations. However our ADT video doorbell cameras use two-way encrypted technology to protect you from falling victim to a hacker. 

Why Choose an ADT Video Doorbell

The ADT Doorbell Camera helps deter unwelcome visitors with the camera’s built-in motion detection. When someone’s at your home, the camera’s sensor will trigger a mobile alert to your smartphone. You’ll be able to see and speak to anyone at your door – even when you’re not there.

The ADT Video Doorbell also includes night vision to see visitors more clearly in low light, and has a 180° wide-view of your yard beyond your front porch.

  • Watch live footage from your video doorbell and control other smart security equipment
  • Welcome your kids home when you receive a motion-triggered smartphone alert
  • See who’s at your door and start a conversation when you’re on the go

Source: ADT

ADT vs Ring Doorbells

  • ADT offers the latest in home automation integration and ADT products link up easily to the ADT mobile app. Ring in comparisons focus is home security. If you want a smart home ADT gives you smart home automation and integration.
  • ADT doorbells require professional installation, with a one time service fee. Ring is self-install DIY. If DIY isn’t your strong suit let the professionals handle it.
  • There is no cost for ADT equipment all costs are factored into monthly monitoring. Ring’s start kits start at $199 and go up.
  • ADT offers both wireless and hardwired security options. Ring only offers wireless, so if your home is older and not setup for wireless this may be a drawback.
  • ADT is only available for homeowners, where Ring can be used for any situation.
  • ADT offers a wide range of home automation products, where Ring just manufactures home security products. From SmartLocks to motion sensors ADT has it all and seamless integration with the ADT Control app.

ADT Alarm System Features

ADT Alarm System Features

  • 24-hr alarm monitoring
  • Full-suite of home automation options
  • Professional installation
  • Homeowners insurance certificate
  • Theft protection guarantee
  • Mover’s savings package
  • All equipment included in the monthly monitoring price so you don’t have to pay any expensive upfront equipment costs
  • Two-way talk

Ring Alarm System Features

  • 30-second average call response time (upper-tier plan only)
  • Motion-activated notifications
  • Real-time video with Live View
  • Two-way talk
  • Lifetime theft protection
  • Video history for 60 days (on select plans)
  • Video saving and sharing (on select plans)
  • Snapshot capture (on select plans)
  • 24/7 professional monitoring (only on upper-tier plan)
  • Extended warranties for all devices (on select plans)
  • 10% off select products at Ring.com (on select plans)

There are many positives to owning a video doorbell camera as stated above. If you want basic security the Ring may suit your needs. However if you want the ultimate in protection and smart home automation there is no question that ADT video doorbells will exceed your expectations.

If you are tired of missing packages and unexpected visitors call us to get your ADT video doorbell camera installed today at 813-544-4335.

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